The Retirement Advice Standard aims to assist people and their families in finding trusted financial advisers who understand financial needs at the point of, and throughout, retirement.

When making plans for your retirement years, you may find that the help from a well-qualified financial adviser is invaluable. You, and your family, may face many complex decisions when looking at issues such as investment, annuities, using your property to supplement income and looking after yourself and your dependants throughout your retirement. Careful and considered advice could help you make the right decisions. The Retirement Advice Standard links you to an adviser who can help you to explore which solutions may be right for you and, where they are also involved, your family and other dependants.

Financial advice should take you to the stage where you are able to make clear and informed decisions, happy in the knowledge that you have had the information and choices presented to you to help you reach those decisions.

Advisers who hold the Retirement Advice Standard can provide you with advice on your available options when looking at your pensions and other assets, such as savings, ISAs, investments and property. They can help you make the right decisions for your own individual circumstances and, if a financial product is appropriate, they can choose the best product available in the market, rather than being restricted to a single provider or small number of providers.

Through links to the Society of Later Life Advisers, an adviser awarded the Standard will be able to refer you to an accredited Later Life Adviser, if they are themselves not accredited, who can advise you on long-term care options, should you ever need it.